The diary of a wimpy Christian

I was reading in Acts 4 today, and I was astonished by what I read. Peter who was afraid to admit his friendship with Christ to a servant girl just weeks before is now boldly proclaiming Christ in the streets. Yes, we can definitely say that at one time our Peter was a wimp. What compelled Peter to deny his Lord? Good old FEAR, my friend. But now Peter speaks directly to the leaders who crucified Christ. What gives? How does one go from wimp to warrior in a matter of days?

Oh my friend, this is the power of the Holy Spirit. Peter sought God for Boldness. He made prayer an essential part of his life. He didn't pray in a panic mode but for POWER sake. The power to speak about Jesus without hesitation.

In our western society, we are missing the power of prayer. Peter didn't pray to be removed from harm, or to have others removed. No, he prayed for BOLDNESS, to stand strong against the opposition, to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, and to persevere. And this my friend, is what we are missing in our prayer life. We must begin to pray, to pray for BOLDNESS, to pray for resolve, and then to pray more.

We do not have to be a wimpy Christian. We can obtain the same power that raised Christ from the dead. This power gave Peter a strong witness among foes.

We are wimpy because we don't understand the power of prayer. We don't understand God's ability and our responsibility to prayer.

If only we would grasp what can be accomplished when we pray. We are not called to be wimps but warriors. Begin your breakthrough today in prayer!

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