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The Power Of Kindness

Kindness is a simple gesture of caring. Kindness is not always shown, desired by strangers, but when expressed, never forgotten. Why isn’t kindness part of our everyday experience? It is so easy to show a little kindness, to appreciate people. Anyone can give a smile, say “thank you”, or tell someone they are doing a good job! Why is kindness such a rarity? Aren’t we Christians to walk in kindness daily? Maybe we are too occupied with our thoughts, or we are rushed with things to do that we don’t even notice people. Whatever the reason, we need to slow down and think how our actions are affecting others.

The other day, I heard a story of a WWII veteran coming home from his deployment overseas. He enters a crowded bus, limping his way down the aisle to find a place to stand. A young lady, looks up at him and says, “Soldier, you may have my seat.” He was so overwhelmed with her kindness. He said, “I have never forgotten her offer.” Today, this man is in his nineties, and he still speaks of her generosity. Powerful, isn’t it?

Let this sink in for a moment, a simple act is treasured. It is amazing what a magnet kindness is for most people. It is like a powerful force that draws you in. A place where we long to stay, for kindness relaxes the body and soothes the soul. I have witnessed the power of kindness, and it is capable of taking a hardened, nasty, grumpy mood and change it within seconds. Interestingly so, when I exhibit kindness, it is my own heart which experiences the transformation. Isn’t that just the way God works? The cogent of kindness in Christianity is the kinder you are, the more Jesus produces kindness in you. When we express His personality traits, a characteristic of the fruit, we are blessed.

Christian, use what you have been given, a spirit of kindness. When we are kind, we are shouting to the world who and what we value. After all, kindness is what we all long to experience but demonstrate so little.

Remember, kindness has the power to transform the most callous of hearts, including yours and mine. Exhibiting kindness is not only a powerful tool to be used in our daily life, but it is our calling. I have never heard a complaint of anyone being too kind. Have you? It all about walking in what we have already been given when Christ entered our hearts, kindness.

Would you like to experience the power of kindness? If so, go be kind to someone today, especially someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Galatians 5:22

“But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, (NLT)

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