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Pam was our speaker for our Mother Daughter Luncheon this year at New Hope Fellowship, Springdale, AR.  She was an absolute delight, as were her three daughters who were able to join her that day.  Pam not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk. It’s very evident in those three lovely girls.  Pam is so engaging and appeals to women of all ages.  She shares humor, personal experience, and most of all-she speaks God’s Word into all who will hear.  We were certainly blessed to have Pam come share her life and her love for our Lord.  If you’re looking for a speaker for a women’s event, I’d suggest Pam Sauer to you. I know you’d be blessed.

Karen Frazier

Women’s Ministry Leader, New Hope Fellowship, Springdale, AR

What an amazing speaker, motivator, and encourager!  I have had the privilege of hearing Pam speak on three different occasions.  Pam will captivate you with her message and contagious smile.  She is a Woman of God.  If you are looking for a speaker, I highly recommend Pam. I have been blessed by her and know you will be too!

                Jennifer Toliver

                Women's Ministry Director at Hopedale Baptist Church



Jennifer Toliver

Hopedale Baptist Chruch, Ozark, Mo 417-581-3836

The ladies of First Baptist Church had Pamela Sauer as their speaker at our Springtime Tea and Covered Dish Luncheon on April 24, 2010. Everyone expressed "thanks for a job well done." It was apparent that Pam loves the Lord and is a bold witness for Him.

There is no doubt that Pam's purpose is to serve God completely. She is a person that shares her faith in an inspiring way. When she spoke at our meeting she emphasized that successful living is a result of depending on God.

I would highly recommend Pam to any group that needs a devoted Christian speaker. The context of her speech was thoughtful, thorough and meaningful.

Yvonne Stanton

Pastors Wife First Baptist Church Columbus, KS

It was a privilege to attend a workshop Pam recently taught.  Her knowledge of the word and her ability to articulate and expound on the scriptures was very enlightening. Her topics were creative and very thought provoking. Pam has not chosen to dwell on negative past hurts, but she chooses to share her passion for the hope and healing we have in Christ.


She is confirmation that He is able to redeem any situation and use it for His good.  Her boundless energy, her good humor, and her meaningful ability to articulate her thoughts inspire a desire to increase ones knowledge of God's word. Given an opportunity Pam would be an asset to your women's event.

Deb White

Beauty Beyond the Ashes; The Ministry of Cheryl McGuinness Portsmouth, NH

We at Seneca First Baptist Church were so blessed to have Pamela Sauer come and speak at our Women's Banquet.  It was awesome to witness her sharing the word of the Lord and bringing it to each person on their level.  She is a woman who loves her Lord and is willing to share her love with others.  She combines humor, scriptural teaching, and personal experience to help deliver a powerful message. She is truly an instrument of the Lord, and we would recommend her to any church, for any event.  

Deanie Heckart

Women's Ministry Director at Seneca First Baptist Church

Pamela Sauer is a joy and delight in every way!  She is an amazing woman of God... talented, determined...and to whatever she commits, she is faithful to the end. She is a dynamic speaker/teacher to children and adults of all ages!  Her vivacious spirit is contagious and greatly motivating.  The Lord speaks through her in a mighty way as she allows Him to minister through her.


I have had the privilege of hearing her share in both school and church settings.  Each time, I was captivated by her message as well as her delivery.  She truly speaks from her heart, with her personal life experiences bringing tears and laughter to the audience. She knows first hand how the Lord can change lives from the inside out, never to be the same again.


Pam's first and foremost ministry is her family. She is an incredible mother, and this shows most definitely through her children and their daily walk with the Lord. She shares about family and the ups and downs of maintaining a healthy home with Christ as the Head.  Her down to earth personality along with her witty sense of humor are so refreshing and uplifting!!


As an author, Pam shares her personal testimony in a way that makes a lasting impression upon the reader!  The reader sees and knows throughout the book about the power of God's Word. She has also written and compiled Bible study lesson books that are excellent for church classes and home study groups.


I would highly recommend Pam as a speaker/teacher for any type calendar event. People will leave knowing that God can bring hope to any and all situations..and that through Christ they are able to conquer and succeed!!

Lisa Satterfield

Pastor's Wife First Assembly of God, Baxter Springs, KS

Pam Sauer is a woman with a desperate goal of teaching women how to love and live on God's Word.  Her joy and excitement in Christ are contagious. Her style of speaking is phenomenal. She is a lady of faith, humility and deep dependence on God.


Pam is blessed with a very supportive husband and four wonderful children. She remains dedicated to her home fellowship, Calvary, Of Joplin, MO. 


After discovering her gifts of speaking, teaching and writing, she shares her talent with others at interdenominational engagements, guiding believers to love and live God‘s Word. Serving women of all denominations is one of her greatest privileges. Pam has the ability to make people laugh, yet bold enough to tackle their most personal dreaded fears through her courage, determination and bravery.

Doris M. Smith

Grove, OK

Pamela Sauer is a fun, energetic speaker. You can't help but love her! She has spoken three times for our women's conference and each time it just gets better and better. It is always a blessing to hear her love and joy when sharing her passion for the Lord.


She has a way of bringing the Word of God to women that makes it real and applicable to every woman on every level.  Our spirits are lifted by her humorous presentation of God's Word applied to real life situations. The excitement and energy that she exudes is contagious. There is certainly no yawning when Pamela is speaking.


The women ask for her, they look forward to hearing from her each year. The messages she given at our women's conference audience have been moving and powerful. It is because of her unselfishness, flexibility, professionalism and approachable demeanor; her ability to let God use her in any situation or circumstance, and most of all her attitude of sisterly love is the reason we keep inviting her back year after year. 


We are so looking forward to the next time she is able to come and be a blessing to us all.

Mrs. Shelle Frelo

Founder/President Of Just For Us Ministries Leawood KS

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