Tangled up?

I remember when my girls were younger, and I would brush their hair before we would leave the house. Well on days we didn't have anywhere to go, I allowed them to managed their hair themselves. Probably not the best of ideas, for with the combination of curl and thickness entanglement was a constant battle. It would take time to untangle the mess they had gotten themselves into by NOT brushing thoroughly through the back of their hair.

It is amazing how us adults get into tangled messes as well. You know those that come from a lie or deceit. Then before we know it, we are in knots. We are weigned down by the bondage of our sin. The Lord desires to brush out those knots, to smooth it all out.

When the Lord sees us in a tangled mess, He convicts us and guides us to the beauty of repentance. Then when we accept His offer of grace, freedom and peace become tangible. We must admit our wrong doing, so He will commence the unraveling. Therefore, know with the confession of sin, a story of grace begins.

#confessyoursins #tangled #grace #lies #deceit

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