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The tornado of pride...

The tornado of pride...

Today, my heart is weeping over the tornado of pride I see ripping through our country and our churches. Pride is the one sin which makes it so easy to see the wrong in others but not the wrong in our own hearts. Pride makes one think they are doing things for others, but in actuality pride feeds itself. Pride destroys everything in its path, and then eventually will destroy its carrier. Pride takes no prisoners and brings death to the soul. In Joplin, we understand the power behind a F5 tornado and the devastation it causes. It takes months and even years to clean up the debris.

I believe we are spinning out of control because we have lost perspective of who we are and what the primary objective of our being is. We are being asked to take sides in a battle that is spiritual and must be fought with prayer and brokenness.

Unfortunately, it is sad how I see so many seeking sides and not God. I know God is looking from heaven with a broken heart. I don't want to break my Father's heart. I want to live for Him. I want to build people up and not tear down.

The deception of pride is that there can be winners, but in reality, there are only losers. 😓

Has your pride led you on a destructive path? If so, repent and get right with God, for this is where healing begins. 2 Chron 7.14.

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