Shh…The Lure of A Secret

We all love a secret. Isn’t it exciting to know the scoop on someone before others do? I don’t know why we revel in knowing things that others don’t. It is like having an edge on someone. Some secrets are fun and entertaining, like finding out the secret of a pregnancy, wedding, or a gift before anyone else. However, I wonder in the sea of secrets, how many have been kept? How long did the secret stay secret? How was the secret revealed?

You know who loves secrets? SATAN. He is all about secrets. His most cunning tactic is to convince us our secret sins will stay secret. He lures us into the depths of self-deception. Into the deep, dark ocean where we are persuaded that no one will know or see what we are doing.

Just as the Sailors of ole were taken in by the sirens, we too find ourselves allured to a place, an island. On this island, we begin to indulge in something that we know is not right. We walk away, praying that no one knows or finds out what just occurred. We sigh a big relief. We go back to our life trying to behave as though it never happened. What we forget is that Satan knows we took his bait. If we allow him, he will lure us into the sea of secrets again and again, assuring us along the way that no one will find out. We look up, only to be hit with the waves of deceit again. We wake up the next morning sailing with regret. Before we know it, our behavior is adrift.

We think we are getting away with the secret, but are we? We may be living, but we feel as though we have entered a different world, a sea of despair. We need help, but we are too prideful to share what we have become. We hate ourselves. We are losing the will to live. We feel we are drowning in grief. We think back of how we got here, the lure of a secret which enticed us. We are finding out the hard way, the truth of a secret, a secret is only a secret when no one knows, but YOU KNOW and that’s says it all. Yes, the secret becomes a weight, like a sunken ship.

We are haunted by the SECRET. When we wake, we are reminded of our actions, and when we lay down, we revisit the action, just like the ocean with the ebb and flow. It is a daily routine. All we know is that we must do something, because we are numb and dying a slow death. This secret has become poison to the soul.

Now we are at the point of no return. Something has to give. We fall on the ground and cry out for help. The Lord tells us in 1 John 1.9….If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us of ALL unrighteousness. Then we finally become aware that our precious secret was never a secret, but a LIE!

Are you struggling with a secret sin? If so, please realize there are no secrets with God. He already knows. He is waiting for you to tell Him the SECRET, this is the process of confession. Confession means you agree with God. You are agreeing that your behavior is sin. When you get to the place of agreement with the Lord, your secret will no longer have a hold of you. The pressure is released. You are no longer treading water. He is your life preserver. You will find your feet on solid ground. What we share with God, stays with God. Your secret is safe with Him! He keeps secrets!

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