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The House of the Lord

To dwell in the House of the Lord,

Grace and peace galore!

Goodness and mercy are the rule,

But wait, there is so much more!

There are Pastures of green,

And waters serene,

Beautiful mansions to hold,

Everything new and pristine.

There are streets paved in gold,

Gates of pearl unfold,

Walls of precious jewels,

What wonders to behold!

Glory and majesty at hand!

And rejoicing throughout the land,

As Christ appears,

In awe we will stand.

Casting crowns at His feet,

Worshipping Him in replete,

Holy and Worthy is the lamb,

Will be recited in the streets!

Now, so much awaits you and me,

It is there we will see,

Christ crowned King of Kings,

And declare His Holy decree!

And then the promised award,

Will be granted, not ignored!

To rule and reign with Him,

What a glorious reward!

To dwell in the house of the Lord,

To live forever with the one we adore,

To give Christ honor and glory,

Isn’t this what we long for?

#TheHouseofTheLord #Heaven #GodisFaithful #ChristIsEnough #KingofKings

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